Binance PBWS22

2022 Web3Motion / AnimationContent
  • Strategy : Le Fruit Studio

  • Production : Le Fruit Studio

  • DoP : Théo Prest

  • Livestream : Pistou Prod

Paris, city of light. Where revolutions begin. And also where the Paris Blockchain Week Summit took place, on April 2022. Binance was there, we were there, and we had a great time all together!

Le Fruit Studio
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An EPIC moment

Cryptos, Blockchain, NFTs, everyone from Web3 was here. CZ spoke, and brought exciting news to France. How to convey the intensity of this historic moment, when Binance and Paris united to onboard Europe into Web3? How to make this moment last through time and space? By creating a new tone of voice, by inspiring and bringing an ever-growing audience into a common story.

Le Fruit Studio
Le Fruit Studio

“Starting in France as a launchpad for Europe, we aim at using this space as our creative and innovative base”

CZ - Founder of Binance
Le Fruit Studio