Le Fruit Studio

Artcurial Winter 2022

2022 Campaigncreative directionContent
  • Creative Direction : Le Fruit Studio

  • Concept : Gaspard Silvestre

  • Illustration : Paul Sirand

Artcurial's Winter campaign announces one of the biggest auction event of the year : the Monaco Auction Week.

The identity is structured around the concept of weightlessness. Weightlessness is elegant and airy. Luxury and dreams are highlighted by emptiness and plenitude.

Le Fruit Studio
Le Fruit Studio
Le Fruit Studio
An evolutive identity

The graphic treatment of the lots and the weightlessness layout ensure a graphic consistency as well as a rich and lasting brand identity. Also, the aerial composition brings a new point of view and a new territory of expression without breaking the codes.

On the other hand this principle allows a great flexibility, representing an almost infinite galaxy of objects.

Le Fruit Studio
Le Fruit Studio

Luxury and dream — emptiness and plenitude.

Some results

From the Winter Sale
  • Sale
    7,8 M€

    A week marked by EPIC bidding battles.

  • Pieces

    Distributed into 6 sessions: Jewelry, Watches, Fashion and Accessories.

  • Acquisition
    + 80%

    Buyers at the rendezvous on the French Riviera.