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    Le Fruit Studio

    Mini Cooper

    2022 CampaignContent
    • Concept : Territory Group

    • Art Direction : Le Fruit Studio

    • Illustrator : Paul Sirand

    • Agents : Agency Rush

    "Driving home for Christmas"

    We all know Chris Rea's Christmas hit very well, but we don't always know where it comes from or how it was composed - or its very close link with MINI!

    Le Fruit Studio
    Le Fruit Studio
    A Xmas tale

    Chris Rea wrote this song in his very own Mini while stuck in a massive traffic jam on Christmas Eve in 1978.

    His wife - who had picked him up from Abbey Road Studios - and him arrived late at night at their Middlesbrough home.

    This is a visual Christmas tale revealing their - TRUE - story !

    Le Fruit Studio


    Le Fruit Studio
    Worldwide campaign

    These illustrations were used to activate MINI's global and co-operative Christmas campaign, encouraging community to share their own Christmas stories behind the wheel of their MINIs to finally deliver a clip to this Christmas hit.

    Le Fruit Studio
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