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Best Maker Tour

Viandox's Brand content

Viandox is a pro-active school project.
The issue was to spotlight an outdated brand, and make it print minds durably.

We wanted to dust the image, to bring it closer to the youth. So we settled an interactive tour, with integrated medias, via a strong platform and a long term communication strategy.

Make the old-fashioned trendy

In order to spotlight and refresh the image of Viandox, a forgotten brand with a potential laughable name, we had to create a brand content strategy.

1. Make the product iconic

Make the youth reclaim the brand, and identify themselves with the fun that Viandox might transmit.

2. Ambassador : product placement + sponsoring

During its concerts, Action won’t drink water but Viandox. Reinforcing brand’s image with humour.

3. Digital plateform & integrated content

A tour in Europe, a social game to allow users to participate by submitting cooking ideas, and an online library dispatching creative recipes with Viandox : increasing the traffic on the brand’s platform and its reputation.