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La Coopérative Indigo

Social network app

Indigo app

La Coopérative Indigo is a global project, concept and led by Stephane De Freitas.

The app is based on the idea of the exchange of goods or services, quantified in « Digo » the virtual money of the app, or even in « good vibes » : rewarding the pro-bono action. The desire is to create links and interaction between people, and as Stephane De Freitas said « bring the opposites closer ». The result – as a living metaphor – is indigo : inseparable mix of red and blue.
Ergonomy, UX and wireframes

The navigation had to be simple and intuitiveto make everyone, every ages to use it and understand it naturally.


Design and graphic elements

Definition of the graphic language, signage and global design of the app, declined on more than 70 screens.